Dr Michael Greger is a physician, author and internationally recognised speaker on health and nutrition and runs the popular website NutritionFacts.org. He is well known for a series of books written on health and diet including “How Not to Die” and “How Not to Diet”. Before any of those books were published he wrote “Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching” in 2007 collating much of his infectious disease work that was a primary focus at the time.

To start it’s important I make my position clear on a number of matters that have arisen in the course of…

Australia wide environmental protests in 2019

During 2019 and at the beginning of 2020, there were widespread environmental protests regarding the rise in global temperature, water levels, carbon emissions and natural disasters and in Australia particularly, protesters were calling on the Government to transition away from coal fired power and gas and to invest more in sustainable energy sources. There were claims that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was living in denial and the raging fires were a tell-tale sign that urgent climate action was necessary. If anyone has been paying attention for the past decade around the conservative parties stance on climate policy then one…

This is why I will never support animal charities or political parties that ‘sell out’ animal rights and persuade us into giving them donations, yet point blank refusing to advocate for Veganism, with some even expressing outright opposition to Veganism.

Animal Rights surely equates to explicitly standing against all forms of animal. exploitation, even knowing this would not happen overnight. This is exactly what we do with all human rights issues in that we take a stand demanding immediate end to these injustices.

How ridiculous does it sound if we were to have a campaign against racism, but then say “we cannot tell people what to say or do and even if they cut back some of their racism then that’s their personal choice and we respect that”.


….if you find it hard to cut back your sexism maybe try “sexist free Sunday”.

Shane Carmody

Vegan ethics, abolitionist approach to veganism , vegan songwriter

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